Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, How They Grow

I'm too tired to organize my pictures today so you just get a random smattering.

I was feeling nostalgic while looking through some of the old pictures so I decided to share a few. This is Beckham with some daddy time.

Looking back, this is one of the first pictures that truly shows Makays personality well. She really knew what she was doing when she threw her feet up on the table. She was queen of the world that day.

This is Creed during the summer when he was a little blondy. We were trying to potty train so that's the reason for the diaper and no clothes. For some reason Creed loved those shoes, he would walk around and around the table just clop-clopping away.

I loved that hair cut on her!

Easton used to wear his underwear backwards so he could see the picture on them. One night he needed to wash his hands but wanted to try himself. He has always been a bigger boy but that really came in handy that night. He just jumped up and hooked his tummy on the counter and wa-la, he could wash his hands! Who needs a stool?

Easton was excited to be able to try out his big brother skills. We kept asking him to hold the bottle up and does he need any help. You can see the triumph when she finished the whole bottle on his watch.

Makay on a chubby, cute day.

This is Parker taking her turn with Creed the day we came home from the hospital. You may not know what Parkers first sentence was. She was 16 months old and said, "I can do it!" Right then we knew we were in for trouble and she has repeated that sentence many times since then. This was one of those times.

We showed some pictures of Easton and Creed helping me make some Valentine sugar cookies last post. Well, the next day we frosted them which is always an adventure.

I think the knife made its' way to Makays mouth more times then to the cookies. Don't worry, we don't give away the ones the kids frost.

Easton was by far the most creative with his decorating. He did cookies with half pink frosting and half white, cookies with pink and white stripes, and cookies with smiley face red hot candies.
He's definitely not afraid to let his inner decorator out.

As you probably could have guessed, Parker is into the sprinkles. We have to keep an eye on her or we run out of them really fast!

I know everyone is going to love this next one but I had to get a picture of my lovely tonsils while they were choking me to death. This last week I had tonsillitis and NEVER want to have it again! Thank goodness for antibiotics.

We had a fun Valentine dinner with candles and hearts all over the table. If I can't have a romantic dinner with just my husband then I'm going to have one with my whole family. It was a lot of fun doing a fancy three course meal for them. For the dessert I got out the melting chocolates and wrote Valentine messages on wax paper and made some hearts. Then we decorated our dessert with Valentine love, it was pretty fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Daze

Kids are definitely the biggest benefactors of a snow storm: 1 week off of school, enuf snow to entertain you for hours, enuf snow to freeze your extremities making it necessary for lots of hot cocoa and fun activities for inside the house with mom and also dad because he had the week off too.

Despite her enthusiasm when getting all bundled up inside...five minutes outside proved plenty for our Makay...San Diego girl at heart, just like her mommy.

Easton at home in his snow cave...Give him a blanket and I really think he'd sleep there.
Sugar cookie creation time with mom and boys.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthdays and Blizzards

Hello world! Yes, the Button family is alive and finally doing well. We had a sick house for most of January and some of February, not fun. Hopefully it's out of our systems though and we can get through the rest of winter sick-free.

Some fun things have happened since our last post. For one, Beckham is growing up so quickly. He now complains if we forget to give him silverware at a meal, and he actually uses them!

He has also learned to cuddle with his favorite stuffed animal of the day. He has been one of our most affectionate babies and I LOVE it.

While we've been in the sick-house we have really had to use our imaginations to keep the boredom away. Thank goodness for stuffed animals. . .

and the many ways to play with them. This is my giant moose that BJ got for me while I was at college and him, on his mission. It's also Eastons favorite friend, his own version of "my buddy."

When the stuffed animals don't cut it anymore we are left with desperate measures. Ryan and Easton take them in stride.

Last Sunday, when we were all better, we decided to make cookies for our neighbors. Every once in a while we like to make giant cookies, they are super fun. The kids all got to decorate six cookies with mini m&m's. Our neighbors loved them.

These ones actually turned out a little bigger then we had planned.

This last week we also started on making some valentines. I've never seen so many hearts or gone through so much paper!

It's was really fun getting into the spirit of valentines day early this year. February is a party month at our house and sometimes the actual holiday gets overlooked. Not this year, besides valentines day is Ryan and mine half year anniversary. On the 14th we will have been married for 8 1/2 years!!
(Don't ask about the bunny ears, they get worn year round at our house)

On the 4th we celebrated Eastons birthday, my little boy is 6! He couldn't decide what kind of cake he wanted and every time I asked him it would be something totally different. I just decided to make something cool and surprise him. I finally found a cake on-line that looked manageable, a dragon.

What I thought was manageable turned into a whole day thing. It was good that Ryan didn't have any school that day! Here are some of the stages.

The cutting and frosting took the longest, the decorating part was fun.

The wings and candles were the last thing to add. Then it was party time!

I picked up some $1 sunglasses at Target as a filler present and what do you think he loved more then the "cool" present we got him?

Easton also got some rockin' presents from grandparents this year. Grandma Button made him a super hero cape with a patch for "Super Easton" on one side and "Super Button" on the other. He wears it all the time but we had to draw the line at sleeping with it on.

Grandma Kim and Papa got him a glow station. I had to play around with it while reading the instructions to get how to use it and see all the things it can do and it was so much fun that finally Easton had to take the glow pen out of my hand and say, "mom, I get how to do it okay?"

As some of you may know, we got slammed with a snow storm this weekend. It started snowing Friday around 4pm and went all through the night. This was Pittsburgh's 4th biggest snow storm in recorded history, woohoo! We are so happy that we could be here when it happened. . . not!
The kids thought it would be fun to go out and play in it. Luckily they know that mommy doesn't play in snow so they didn't even pressure me this time.
This is Creed trying to climb his way back up our stairs. It didn't work very well. He lasted about 15 minutes outside.

Easton, sporting his new glasses, did pretty well. He lasted about 45 minutes. He said it wasn't so bad after he couldn't feel his hands any more.

This is Ryan rescuing Makay after about 5 minutes of being outside. She got cold and would have come in after two but she couldn't make it up the stairs. She said that it was bumpy so she couldn't walk and then she fell on the snow with her face, ouch. Do you see why I don't play in the snow?
Parker and our neighbor girl lasted the longest, almost a full hour.

This is a shot of our street. The power lines were so weighed down with snow that many of them broke. Luckily we didn't have our power go out but a lot of people did. The power company was having trouble moving around in the snow to repair them so some people went two days with out power. They actually set up "warming centers" for people with no power to go to. It was pretty crazy.

Yep, our poor car had a good two feet of snow on top of it. It took Ryan almost three hours to dig out around our car so we could move it.

So that's us, stranded in the house eating birthday cake. (Not me though mom and Kiki, promise!)