Sunday, May 23, 2010

back to "normal"

It has been three full weeks now since Creeds surgery. We are still counting our blessings and thanking the Lord every day for how well his operation went. Thanks to all of you too for the prayers and fasting on Creeds behalf. We went to see Dr. Russo for Creeds follow up appointment on Thursday and his heart couldn't be working better. What wonderful news to hear! We thought, since he is healing so well, we would give you a little comparison.

This is Creed about an hour after his surgery. They had about a million things that he was connected to.
-he got blood (that's the red tube) for the first couple of hours post-op
-he had a chest tube in to drain any excess blood from his chest
-he had IV's in both arms as well as a central line in his neck
-a catheter
-you can see the two blue wires coiled by the blanket; those are both connected to him by a stitch until they know they wont need them (there to jump his heart if there are complications)
-the circle stickers are for his vitals
-the square ones are to monitor his heart (there are 10 of them)
-and finally a blood pressure cuff on his leg (seeing as his arms were pretty occupied)

Now, three weeks later he's running around like a maniac. His new found energy (from his way more efficient heart) can be a little overwhelming at times but we love it! This is his "check out my rugged scar" pose.

Since he has been healing so well it's been pretty easy for the family to get back to normal. . .

eating yummy snacks,

Ryan visiting the kids at school for their "take your father to school" day,

we have been able to add a plethora of looks to our "funny faces" collection,

Creed received a bunch of art supplies to keep him occupied during his recovery which has turned out well for the whole family, our art wall is overflowing!

As you can see, even Beckham got in on the action. That is, until I caught him drinking the dirty paint water and he was speedily removed from the premises!

We have had amazing works of art constructed during the kids free time. This particular one happens to be a "Moosedragon"...

along with Creeds "tower of power"

Finally, when the days are over and our minds and bodies are worn out, we settle down for a good jump on . . . an old mattress.

I love living in a house where every day there are endless possibilities before us.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

family pictures

A few days before Creeds surgery, we had a friend from church take our family pictures. Creed is doing great by the way...he's running around like a crazy man and you would never know that he had surgery just a week ago. We have to remind him to be careful...he's not supposed to do anything strenous like lifting, jumping or wrestling, etc. (basically trying to keep a boy from being a boy) Below are a few of our favorite pictures...for many different reasons.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

creeds back home

Just wanted to let everyone know that Creed is back home and doing very well. Berni and Creed came home today and we are very happy. Thanks again for all your prayers etc!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

creeds recovery

Creed is doing relatively great for someone that just had heart surgery. He was moved from the ICU to a normal recovery room and bed today. His central line and catheter were removed and he was able to walk to and from the bathroom with a little bit of pain of course. But we're very happy with how things are going...what a blessing it is! He's still pretty somber but will crack a smile every now and then. He is keeping busy with puzzles, coloring books, action figures and movies. Childrens Hospital does a very good job with catering to your childs needs and desires. They are definitely making his stay as enjoyable as it can be. He's also enjoying his one on one time with mom. I hope going home isn't going to be to much of a let down. ;) Speaking of which, he'll probably be home around Friday. Anyway, just wanted you all to know that the recovery process is going very well. Thanks again for all of your prayers.

Monday, May 3, 2010

creed update

First of all, everything went great! Thanks for your fasting and prayers and all of your support in other ways as well. Creeds surgery went fantastic. The surgeon said that Creeds heart should shrink back down to the "normal" size within a couple of months, it was abnormally large due to all the extra work it was doing. He also said that it was good that we had gotten this taken care of when we did because of how serious it had become which he realized once they started operating. This experience has definitely caused us to reflect on God's guiding hand in our lives. I could go on and on about that though. :) I will just say, "thanks be to God...all of it!"
Above is a picture of a very exhausted 4 year old. Creed is in the ICU Cardiac unit and will most likely be moved to recovery in the next day depending on how things go. Berni is staying with him for what will likely be about a 5 day stay. My Mom came up to help which is such a wonderful blessing. Thanks Mom! Thank you to everyone that has fasted, prayed or thought on Creeds behalf. Heavenly Father manifested himself in many ways during this event and our testimonies have definitely been strengthened concerning the power of prayer.

Creeds surgery was pushed back by about 4 hours (due to an emergency surgery just prior), so he had alot of extra time to play with the array of cool toys at the Childrens hospital...and I guess I kinda did too.

Creed was definitely nervous but in a giddy sort of way, which was only enhanced by the drugs that were given him. And yes, Berni was hysterical but with laughter, due to how loopy the drugs made Creed. He said and did alot of funny things, for one, he was amazed at the "magic paper" and how the drawings were "dancing around." However, he was quite disapointed when he discovered that no matter how fast he was, he couldn't quite catch them (the drawings).

We love you Creedo!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creeds operation and other things

So the first couple of pictures are of Beckham. He is getting bigger and its fun watching him interact more with his brothers and sisters. He pretty much knows who to go to if he wants someone to share with him...Easton is quite a softy when it comes to sharing. He discovered how to make the other kids laugh one day and continues to enjoy being the clown every now and then...yes, those are strawberry shortcake panties. Creed somehow managed to catch his shirt on the stairwell, he was calling for help and is obviously happy that mom came to the rescue.
I have officially graduated as of today(didn't go since it was on sunday though) and Berni totally blew me away with a surprise graduation present...this beautiful new barbecue grill (she somehow managed to heft it up our front steps solo...what a strong mama). Thanks Babe!
Here is Creed completing the Button human pyramid at the primary talent show yesterday. He definitely had fun sitting on top of Parker and Easton (its usually the other way around in their wrestling matches).
This week Creed was pretty nervous about his operation and still is but we noticed today that he is considerably more calm about tomorrow than he has been lately. Berni and I know its from all of your prayers and fasting. We would just like to thank everyone for that support. We love you guys! We were able to give him a blessing after church at our house so now we are content to let things unfold as Heavenly Father sees fit. We will keep you posted. :)