Monday, April 23, 2012

February through April

Hello Family and Friends!

We finally found our camera! Yayyy!  Thanks to my disorganization we have been missing our camera for a few months now. If I were wittier I would have blogged anyway but I'm not. I know the only reason people read our blog is to see our crazy and cute kids so sorry for depriving everyone for so long. Let me fill you in on what has been happening...

Easton turned 8 in February and got baptized! It was so great, both Tod and Kim Comin and Doug and Kim Button (plus Nick) were able to come down for the weekend.  It made things really special for Easton so thank you to the grandparents!

Here is a picture that was taken at the baptism (I'm not sure by whom) but I love it! Parker has these crazy hazel eyes that can go really green sometimes and we alway wonder where she got them from. Take a close look and it's right there in the photo, the same cool hazel eyes from Grandma Kim.

After all of our guests left we still had the blow up mattress out and I came into the living room to this scene. It made me so thankful that we don't have to live in a one room cabin!!!

On February 17 @ about 2pm Ryan called me from work and asked if my parents wouldn't mind some visitors that weekend (it was Friday). We had been looking for a van to buy and Ryan found a great prospect in San Diego. I called my Dad at work and gracious as he is they let us come down.

I packed some clothes and we hit the road around 4:30 and got to grandma and grandpa's house at 11. It was our birthday weekend so Grandma Kim made scones one night for dinner, it was great! This is Makay helping in the kitchen to make the dough. Every time she's helping in the kitchen now she lets me know that "I've already done this before mom." I keep forgetting she's a pro. (By the way, the van didn't work out but it was a great weekend!)

Now that Easton turned 8 he can go to cub scouts. He's so stinkin cute in his uniform I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures.

Ryan and I hadn't been to the temple for a while and have been trying to figure out how to go. We are in the L.A. temple district and it's really hard getting down there and back in one day. We found out the temple owns apartments right there on temple grounds so we rented a room for a night and wa-la, we got to go to the temple. We drove down on a Thursday, went to subway for dinner (that's what the kids are eating) and Ryan hit up the 7pm session. We slept and I got up early and hit up the 6am session the next morning and we were out of there and on  our way back home by 11. Thank you L.A. temple, we'll be back soon!

Our kids school is crazy about handing out awards. I've never seen so many awards before. It's great for the kids, it keeps them motivated and feeling great about themselves... but when you are 6 months pregnant and sitting on the hard floor because there aren't enough chairs and you have listen to all the millions and millions of awards being passed out, it can get a little old. Sorry for being so negative.

So Creed is one of those kids where school isn't really his "thing". He does fine and has a lot of friends but it's just not his cup of tea. We got a note saying at the next assembly he was going to be "Cougar of the Month"! I had to brave the hard floor and never ending awards for that! Parker and Easton were only getting math awards (pff) (I'm just kidding people!) so they got their pictures taken at home.

It took Creed a while to find me in the crowd. Sadly after all that suffering on the ground and waiting for his award to finally be called, I didn't even get a decent picture!!!

P.S. Even though the van from San Diego didn't work out we did end up purchasing one from Portland. We will try to have pictures next time of our big 15 seater van!