Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Portrait

Hello and yes we are alive! Time for some more pictures. Papa and Grandma Kim paid us a visit in May and took some great pictures including a family photo. Here are some of them. . .

Well, this obviously isn't a family photo but it's my favorite that papa took! I need to send it into a Parenting Magazine photo contest.

We got some good ones of the kids amazingly enough. Man! Kids and formal pictures just don't go together!

Here's our angel Beckham who's now almost ten months old! He was the most cooperative one for the pictures I think.

Creed wasn't too excited about sitting on this thing. He was freaking out actually, I'm surprised we got a smile out of him. Ryan is hiding behind the piller holding his pants so he won't fall, that's the only way we could get Creed up there.

Parker wanted to be in every picture but getting a genuine smile out of her was another thing. This is at least a natural expression if not a real smile.

Again, one of my favorite pictures! You can't see her face but I can just see this in black and white as a poster somewhere. Thank you papa for the great pictures!!

Yeah, it was scary having Makay holding Beckham. Ryan and I were both standing by ready to grab him if he started to slip. Luckily this one we were far enough out of the picture that I could crop us out.

This is our new official family portrait. If any grandparents want this just let us know and we can e-mail it to you.
We had a picnic at the park with the boys head start class. It was a really cool park with great toys to play on. Ryan and the boys found this up in one of the towers. Ryan lifted them up so they could see the baby birds. They couldn't stop talking about it!

Ryan had to hold the camera up over his head to get this shot. It took him a couple tries before he actually got the birds in the photo.

Easton found the scooper and wouldn't let that thing go until it was time to eat!

Makay fit in just fine with all the other kids. It was a hot day so she wore her pioneer bonnet, thanks Grandma Veteto!! She looked so cute!
All of Parkers friends at her school have beads in their hair (and also happen to be black). She kept asking me if she could have beads and I told her that it's harder for us to do because our hair is different. She slumped over in her chair and said so genuinely, "I wish I was black" that I had to try for her. I asked some of the moms from the bus stop and they told me how to do it.

I experimented on Makay first because if it was really bad then we just wouldn't have left the house. Makay loved them! She wouldn't stop turning her head from side to side to hear them click together.

It took a while to do. I was amazed that she sat still for it. It took so much work that we left it in for three days. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of Parker while she had them in. Next time I guess.

So I have found a new passion in my life. Which probably has contributed to why the blog has been ignored, sorry!
It's beading! And I love it!! Here is some of what I have been doing. . .

This one is called "Prince Charming," I love that little frog. As you can see I'm not real great at it or professional but it is so fun to be creative.

This is a bracelet that I did that I love to wear. I've made so much jewelry that I can't really wear it all. My mom has talked me into trying to sell some of it on At least if I sold some I would have an excuse to make more and not just have it pile up in my craft room.

If anyone wants to they can see my shop on etsy at It's such a fun website that I spend more time looking at stuff then actually posting my own jewelry. But I'll look for any excuse to make stuff so if anyone needs anything let me know and I'll do it at cost. I love this stuff!