Monday, October 26, 2009

button children

we sure love these kids!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hats, Gloves and Mohawks

Not a whole lot has happened in the past two weeks. Probably the best thing that happened to us was General Conference where we were able to hear the prophet of the Lord speak. It was amazing, we are very inspired to start living better lives!

On a more mundane note, things have been running smoothly. The kids are still loving school and doing very well. Since Makay is the only child home with Beckham any more she thinks she is solely in charge of his learning and development and has taken it upon herself to teach him all kinds of new things including throwing all possible toys down the stairs and how to open the screen door. Thank goodness Beckham isn't the student that our other kids are!

The kids have been enjoying our last days at the park. Fall hit all of the sudden and in full swing so we really won't have much longer for outdoors stuff. This is Easton being a panther and hunting his prey.

My handsome boys got hair cuts again and this time Ryan did them. He loves turning our boys into little neanderthals.

We were able to eliminate our mold problem in the basement that occurred this summer but lost a few possessions along the way. One of the things we lost were our winter hats and gloves. The cooler weather forced us to the store before we thought we would need to. As many of you know, our house is old and drafty so yes, we are already bundling up inside as well as out.

I've finally been able to make it back to my beloved craft room!

I rented some library books about jewelry making and got some awesome ideas. One entire book was about using wire, I love it. These earrings are a spiral cage with beads going down the middle. They were too much fun.

This was my first attempt at a more formal piece. I found the center piece in a boutique at a huge discount so I bought it. It was originally a broach but I wanted to do a necklace with an antique feel with it. I have no idea if it turned out well or not. If you want to leave a comment and HONESTLY tell me what you think of it, it would be much appreciated.