Monday, March 29, 2010

The Date is Set

We were finally able to set a date for Creeds heart surgery! He is scheduled for his pre-op physical on April 28 and his surgery will be the next Monday, May 3, at 7:30 am. This has been hanging in the air for so long that we are really happy to finally know when it's going to happen. Now the only thing to work on is not getting nervous about it. Creed couldn't be more excited. He has been complaining for the last month that he wants to do the surgery NOW. Just the thought of being able to have jello every day at the hospital after the surgery has him bouncing off the walls.

Ryan is busy finishing up his last semester! I love saying that. HIS LAST SEMESTER!!! He has several big projects going on, no final tests thank goodness, and his thesis to finish and defend all in the next four weeks. His last week of school is the week before Creeds surgery so he'll be able to be home with the kids and I'll be free to stay at the hospital with Creed while he recovers.

As for jobs, we still don't know. The Air Force said they could let us know any time up to mid May. We are hoping that it won't take THAT long. But what choice to we have really, other than to wait? Ryan has been applying to other jobs in the meantime but we have no positive news from any of those either. I'm actually pretty excited to see where the Lord will send us next.