Sunday, June 16, 2013

Message to our Papa's

To our wonderful Papa's. We love you so much!!! Have a great Father's day!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies for Grandma

I wanted to take some pictures of the kids for our walls. I have only edited the girls so far but they turned out better then I hoped, so for Grandma Buttons birthday I am sharing them before they are even on my walls. We love you grandma!!!

The poor girl was freezing to death. And so was I since my jacket was on Makay!

Ok, so this is actually my favorite black and white. There's something about her eyes!!

I love this expression. She uses it all the time and I'm so happy I got it in a picture!

Sisters! It was hard getting Parker to sit next to Makay let alone act like they were bff's!

It took some time to loosen them up but it worked. Then one of mom's crazy stories and the giggles came out. Oh ya!

More Butterfly Pictures

Just a few more...

It was freezing on the day I took these. Makays' teeth were chattering almost the whole time so that's my jacket around her shoulders.

Normally it's all sand and weeds behind our house but it's the rainy season so it's nice and  green out there.

When I was editing the pictures there was a comic book setting . I liked how it made the butterfly on the girls faces look hand drawn onto the picture.

Parker picked out my longest and most dangely earings for this little photo shoot. She was in heaven wearing them!

I love the colors on some of these but the black and white ones are amazing.

This one is Parkers favorite!

I think this one is my favorite!

This is the comic book setting again.

This is my favorite black and white of Makay.