Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Month of "The Eight of Us"

Tuesday is 5 weeks old! It's so crazy how the time goes by so quickly and then again, so not. I would post more pictures but it's really hard to get good pictures of Tuesday. Every time we put her down to take a picture she cries or spits up all over herself.  Sadly I have passed on my "burpy-jo" spit-uping habits to my babies.
This is the amazing baby quilt my mom made for Tuesday while she was here. I have had so many comments on it mom; people love it!

Some friends gave us a swing that Tuesday loves. It's a life saver!

With 4 kids in school now there was a lot of back-to-school paper work. Tuesday chilled and watched me work, until she started spitting up. Hence the burp cloth under her head.

The kids have been great with helping out with Tuesday and around the house. Beckham feels very big when he gets to give the baby a bottle. He forgets the baby's name sometimes and calls her Sunday. I think it's the day of the week he knows the best.

Makay was so stinkin' excited for the first day of school.  She has waited five long years for this! On her first day of school she got to make a crown and that sealed her love affair with school!

All the kids on the first day of school. Beckham keeps me company so I don't have to walk back home alone. At first he was pretty upset that he didn't get to stay at school with Makay but then he realized he gets to come home and be with me and Ryan and the baby all by himself. 

Ryan was able to take paternity leave after my mom left for 10 days. Today is his last day of being home.  I have been very spoiled with this baby, first with my mom stay a whole month and then with Ryan being home too. But I must say, it's still going to be really hard when he is back at work and I'm wrangling six kids by myself.

This is just a funny picture of Creed pretending to be baby with a water bottle. You don't think he is needing some attention do you?