Sunday, August 30, 2009

old and new

I started to make a new post at nine tonight. It's now eleven and I haven't even organized the pictures yet. I got looking at all the pictures we have of the kids and I couldn't stop!

So, this week you all get an unorganized post with some new things and mostly old but soooo sweet things. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

One of my most favorite pictures of Easton

Baby Creed taking a snooze while daddy studies
The kids were in a loving mood so they piled into the chair...Ryan found them like this all lovey dovey with no fighting going on and ran for the camera to capture this rare moment. :)

One moment you're posing for a picture and then with the flash of a camera, you are plummeting to the ground...

The next four are just the kids enjoying hanging out at the park.

Beckham enjoying his cake on his first birthday.

Who needs real makeup when you have crayons handy...
My practice run at fondent, getting ready for Parkers birthday next month...
Beckhams loving life, he was feeling left out while the kids were using moms stamps, so he was very happy when he got to play with a container of unused stamps...
Creed and Makay stamping it up...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ups and Downs

Well, I'm back. Where have I been? In SAN DIEGO!!! Yes, my wonderful husband took pity on me and let me return to the place of my roots that I have been missing SO badly. Did I mention that I went alone? Oh yeah, I went alone to refresh my mind and rejuvenate my body from seven long (constant) years of being pregnant and raising children. It's true "silence is golden."

Meanwhile Ryan had the kids all to himself for six days. We joke that it was his final HOORAH with the kids before he goes back to school in a week. I think after a week with the kids, he's very excited about getting back to school. ;) He really did do a great job, I couldn't have a better husband! Thank you so much Ryan!!!

So why would a woman leave her best friend and children for seven days?

Need I say more? Going almost two years without this just about killed me! Now that I've had my fix let's see if I can make it last until our next reunion.

Mom and I did some partying while the boys where off being boys on a mountain top. We hiked a trail at Torry Pines . . . can you see the sweat on our foreheads? Well, about 15 minutes after this picture was taken we were jumping in the waves!

One of my trips highlights was seeing Wicked! My dad got tickets for my mom and I for the night the men returned home from Mt. Whitney. It was AMAZING! Thank you dad a thousand pumpkins!

Sadly I have no other pictures of my dream vacation but it was filled with shopping, the temple and cake making (which turned out to be CC balls (that's ca ca for the layman) but looked great).

It was great to get home and see my family. The kids really did change in just one week and by the end of the day the kids were running away from me because I couldn't stop hugging them.

Two days after getting back Ryan and I heard a huge thud, tumble and roll on our crazy wooden stairs and both came running. Ryan saw the tail end of Makays feet flying up over her head for a crash landing at the bottom of our stairs. She's a pretty tough kid (we know from past incidents) and this time she was really hurting. I took her to Children's Hospital again (we took her just three weeks ago with a hole in her lip) and had some x-rays taken. Poor girl broke her clavicle. :( It's so hard to see your kids in pain!

She wasn't even that interested in her Frosty which shows you how much pain she really was in. When ever I would go to pick her up to carry her somewhere she would tell me, "be careful mommy" and "that hurts my shoulder mommy." It was a long night filled with doses of Children's Tylenol. We are supposed to keep the sling on her for two weeks but I don't know if she'll let us.

She's still in pain but even broken bones aren't going to stop this girl. We love our tough little angel!

And last of all, some new creations. . .

Sunday, August 9, 2009

you'll laugh, you'll cry...

Random videos from this summer...


Trying to keep the kids minds on the sabbath and away from quoting movies etc is kind of hard. Today, we were at the dinner table and decided on a pop scripture quiz.

"Who knows what king Herod did when he found out about the Saviors birth?" (I know, could we have picked a more morbid question?)

Parker: He got mad. (okay go on...) He told his soldiers to go and kill Abinadi.
Easton: He prayed. He was a nice king wasn't he? Oh, I know, he threw him in the Lions Den.
Creed: He cut his arm off. (thinking of Ammon perhaps?) least we know they hear some things during morning scripture study...

all she wants for Christmas...