Friday, January 30, 2009

A Crime Has Been Committed

Scene of the crime: Boys' Bedroom

Weapon used to commit crime: Wooden Hammer from Santa Clause

Crime committed: Smashing hole in bedroom window

Criminal: Easton Jace Button plead guilty

Oh, the things that happen behind closed doors! This is a "quiet time" happening. I was down stairs and I heard Easton run out of his room crying. He stood at the top of the stairs and said, "Mom, I broke the window." How can you get mad when he strait up tells you the truth. This boy is the king of blame, lying and half truths. He stood their crying and told me that he pounded hard on the window with his toy and then it broke.

He even posed for a picture for me. How can I be mad at that. My Easton teddy bear drives me crazy some times but this time, all I could do was hug him.
It wasn't until later that we got the bill of $45 for his little Handy Manny role play.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ice and Glasses

We have a sun room off the back of our kitchen. At least that is what it is called during the summer. This winter it has earned a new name, "the ice box." Why would we call it that you ask. Because the temperature during the day is roughly 32 degrees. So if you wonder why our blog has been slow moving or I'm not answering e-mails it's because our computer is living in the ice box. I put on a coat when I do venture in here but my fingers still go numb pretty quickly. On the bright side, not many people have a walk in fridge in their house. :)

Now for the news. Berni got glasses! Apparently I have been far sighted or quite some time, who knew. The Doctor said it's hard to diagnose because I can still see fine, it's just that my eyes are doing a lot more work then they are supposed to. I put my glasses on for the fist time and about fell over. They are really taking some getting used to. My depth perception is wacko and I can't move my head around too much without getting a headache. Glasses stink!!

If you wonder why I'm bundled up in the house with a coat and scarf that's because this picture was taken in the ice box. So these are the glasses, tell me what you think. I think I'm getting frost bite on my fingers!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Pictures

Things have quieted down since everyone has gone back to school. Nothing new has happened but here are a few more pictures from the holidays.

Parker and Makay are giving Beckham a ride in his walker. It's kind of funny because his feet don't actually reach the floor yet. The boys like to give him rides too but they tend to race with him and Beckham isn't ready for that kind of speed yet.

Maykay and Creed can be best buddy's when they want to be. It looks like she has a crazed look in her eye and is going to attack him while he is running for dear life but they are actually having races in the front room and having a ton of fun.

Here are all the kids the day after Christmas. Parker has started insisting on doing her own hair. I only give in on days that she doesn't go to school, do you blame me?

This is Beckhams' Christmas outfit that he got from Grandma Button. He's so stinkin' cute in it that we just had to take a picture. If Beckham is out of my hands then the kids are swarming so it's hard to get a picture of just him while all the others are awake.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

End of Year Recap

Is it just me, or is November and December put on fast forward? Here's a quick recap. . .

We had five little Indians running around our house on Thanksgiving.

For some reason we all got tattoos to celebrate our day of thanks.

Doug and Kim Button came to visit us on December 11 for a long weekend. It was wonderful to see them and for them to finally meet Beckham. They were here for the celebration on Makays party as well.

Makays birthday was on December 16, she blew out her two candles like a pro. (I think Elder Martinez secretly helped.)

Ryan had three weeks off of school for the holidays and it was wonderful. He got all A's last semester and is well rested and ready to go for next semester.

We acted out the nativity on Christmas Eve for the first time. We did the two minute version and still had some issues but overall it went well. (Cousin "it" on the left is Makay as a shepherd in case you were wondering.)

For New Years Eve we had a party with the kids. Parker made mini pizzas for dinner, Creed made a nacho cheese dip that only he could stomach and Easton made an Oreo cookie dessert. After dinner we played a game of charades and the kids were off to bed.