Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer in a flash

This summer has been great. Of course there is never time to blog about all of it. So, instead of feeling guilty all the time I'm going to give you our simmer in fast forward, but because of the strange loading of pictures, it will be in no particular order.

For some strange reason the kids were feeling very united this night. They all gathered together and demanded I take their picture. As always, their wish is my command.

This is our new dog "Meatball". No we didn't name him, his previous owner did, but I would totally take the credit for it. This is when he was super shaggy. I have cut his hair since then and he looks so much cuter!

Creed and Lincoln in Lehi Utah. My mom and I took the kids to the library one morning so the other adults could finish a work project. Personally, I think we ended up doing more work then they did, hehehe.

Maizi (sorry guys, I don't know how to spell her name!) and Beckham being as cute as can be!

Creed with his birthday cake. It's supposed to be a bike rider at the top of a big muddy hill at the finish line. It kind of turned into a big chocolaty mess, but it tasted great!

Grandma Button is the maker of super heroes. Now all the boys race around the house rescuing us from daily peril.

Our girl bonding time. I love hair dye! If I can't do it to my own hair then I'm going to do it to my daughters hair (with their permission of course!).

Poor Beckham got a Costco cake, but he loved picking it out and honestly, he won't remember this birthday anyway. I'm good for another year, then I'll have to make his too.

We dog sat for some people that Ryan works with. Our dog is a Yorkshire Terrier. This dog was a Rat Terrier. Sadly the dogs didn't get along so we had to keep them seperated for four days, YIKES!

We had fun at a Vandenberg AFB celebration. The kids got to go on the bouncy obstacle course, play tug-a-war, win prizes, all kinds of good stuff.

The younger kids got to play on a bouncy house. Makay jumped right in and never came out again. Beckham tried it but had a lot more fun playing on the little entrance slide. Oh how different they are!

This is meatball when we first got him. He's a little smaller here. He's up to about five or six pounds now.

This is some of the summer fun we had in our back yard.

The water never even had to get warmed by the sun, it was perfect.

Easton wanted his own pool so people wouldn't splash him: this is what he got. Then of course, all the kids faught over the little pool. Ugh!

Now that school is back in we should get back on track with blogging too (the important word in that sentence is "should"). It was so great to see most of our family this summer, it was a total blast even though we ended up driving almost 6,000 miles by the end of summer!!!