Sunday, March 29, 2009

Button Archives

I was looking through our pictures the other day and found some pictures that you all might like. Here are some of them. . .

Easton with Grandma Veteto doing the dishes. How picture perfect can you get?

Makay loves to have the spot light. One night at dinner she got a laugh out of the kids and just kept going with it.

One day while Ryan and my mom where driving the kids to the zoo, they heard a loud bang like something hit our car. They pulled over and looked but couldn't find any dents or evidence of damage. After that we heard a noise when our wheels would rotate, we checked them several times but never saw anything unusual. Then, two weeks after the bang, we were getting gas and spotted this. The wheels were rolled just right so we could see that we were driving on a huge hazard. Can you believe two weeks on a tire like that!?! The Lord was watching over us on that one.

Here is Makays wounded hand when she got her finger slammed in the door. We thought about taking a picture of it before she got the stitches but that seemed a little gory.

You can see her bloody shirt though. The accident happened at about 4pm. This picture was taken at 10pm after the docters fixed her up. She was at the hospital with a bloody shirt and no pants for six hours. Thank goodness she melted everyones heart with her eyes.

Can you guess which button baby is which?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Outings

Spring has definitely been in the air so one Saturday we took advantage of the nice weather and ventured to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

We spent most of our time in the play area with no animals in sight. But the kids had a great time!

Makay insisted on being a big kid and climb the net. Here she is holding on for dear life.

They only had two slides open for about 45 kids, it was really crowded. That didn't bother the kids though, I couldn't have counted the number of times they went down.

They got more and more creative the longer we were there too. They went down head first, on their backs, feet first on their tummies and the big hit. . . in a train! They all held hands and went down together. One boy, about 7 or 8 thought they were having so much fun he asked to join them so for a while there was a train of 5 going down the slides.

Even Beckham had a good time!

We did end up seeing some animals. . . sheep. Makay couldn't keep her hands off them. She thought they really needed her tender loving care so she sang to them and treated them like one of her baby dolls.

The kids also got to ride the Turtle Cars, they were pretty cool little things.

Can you tell this picture was taken near the end of the day?

That's Easton about to pounce on Creed
D.C. Temple Trip
It's been 10 months since Ryan and I had been to the temple! We took advantage of Ryan's spring break and headed south. We stayed two night in a "cabin" (hotel) that had a swimming pool. The kids loved it but I have no idea why they called it a cabin.

The temple really is beautiful! I went to a session during the day while Ryan and the kids played in the "forest of darkness" near by. Ryan went to a session that night while I had the kids at the hotel. It was so nice to go to the temple, I miss having one close!
Here are the kids adventures in the forest of darkness...

Obviously something very painful has taken hold

The bridge to freedom and safety

The horrors inside the forest of darkness