Sunday, June 14, 2009

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

One good thing about the crazy humidity here in Pittsburgh is we get occasional summer showers. Sometimes they are pretty impressive too. On one such day we let the kids out for a rain dance.

They quickly found the sidewalk chalk and proceeded to paint themselves with pink chalk/paint so they looked like warriors.

Then they gave us their most fearsome kung fu poses.

Meet Viper

Tie Lung

and Tigress! (Yes, Creed is aware that Tigress is a girl but still refuses to be anyone else.)
If you are asking yourself where our children learned such accurate kung fu positions you can look to their grandparents. So thank you Papa and Grandma Kim for the violence that has
filled our home since your visit. We will forever look to Kung Fu Panda and the lessons it has taught our children! Like this one. . .
Ryan - "Easton, will you teach me kung fu so I can do it like you?"
Easton - "I cannot teach a peach"
And this one . . .
Berni - "Creed, if the 64 piece puzzle is too hard for you, you can get a 25 piece one."
Creed - "But a true warrior never quits!"