Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introducing Jack!

Congratulations to Parker and Easton for their school awards! Parker received the highest award their school gives; a self manager award. They only give it out three different times during the year, this being the second. She gets to wear a button to school every day proclaiming to all of her accomplishment. It also allows her to have special privileges. (It's a little over the top for my taste but Parker is very into it)

Easton was awarded the citizen of the month award for his first grade class...
and he got to give "Paws" a high five!

Now for our other news. We have been planning this for a while but didn't want to spill the beans until it was official. Please welcome the newest member of the Button family!

Meet Jack, our new puppy. We drove four hours away on Saturday to Norco where there is a gentle giants dog rescue. We saw a couple of dogs there but Jack was our favorite. He hadn't been vet checked yet so I had to drive back the next day to pick him up and bring him home. He is a brindle colored Great Dane who loves to be loved.

Looking at him in comparison to our kids you get an idea of how big he is. Already he is above the average height of a Great Dane and he still has 15 months of growing to do. Leave it to me to pick the biggest dog they had.

The kids are LOVING having him around. He's been a little hesitant with a new home and family to get used to but he's doing great!

We found a giant dog bed online and he claimed that pretty quick. I just hope it's still big enough when he's full grown!
Right now his rear end is up higher then his head which means he's in the middle of a growth spurt. It's crazy, his back is higher then our kitchen table. He can walk up to it and perfectly rest his chin on the top, yikes.

He wouldn't hold still for a picture standing up so we just had Easton lay down next to him for a comparison. All my life I have wanted a dog and now I finally have one. I have the best husband in the world to let me get a dog. Thank you baby!!! This was the best birthday present ever!!!!