Monday, February 16, 2009

Easton's Birthday Bash. . . and more

Hello there fans of the Button Bunch. Thank you for coming to see what has been happening in our lives. I hope we don't disappoint.

I have been asked if Beckham is still alive. How rude! Of course he's alive and here's proof!

Not only is he alive, he's happy. . . see? If you look closely you can see his first two teeth too.

Steelers Mania
Of course the whole world knows that the Steelers won the super bowl. I must say that the Steelers have CRAZY fans! On super bowl Sunday we had a member bring his "terrible towel" to church and sing the fight song in Elders quorum. I think that's something that would only be considered normal in Pittsburgh though.

So, in honor of our team (and because all school classes were having a "black and gold" party) we made cookies.
Each kid got their own color of frosting and some cookies to frost and decorate.

Even Makay got the concept down, I was very impressed.

This was truly a test of my patients to watch them eat all the frosting, wipe their nose and then lick frosting off their fingers and then pick up their cookies to frost. It's all for the sake of memories right!

By the end the kids had cookies with heaps of sprinkles so high you couldn't move them for fear of an avalanche. Parker was rather upset that she had to take the cookies that I frosted and decorated to her class party instead of hers. What can I say, I'm a party pooper.
Birthday Bash
After we recovered from the Super Bowl it was Eastons Birthday! My first man-child is 5!!

He wanted a Wall-E cake so we got inventive.
I think I had more fun making it than anything. The cubes of trash that Wall-E makes are slices of Snicker bars. I drastically over estimated the amount of Snickers bars it would take to decorate the cake so we had enough extra for Easton to pass some out to his class and Ryan to pass some out to his class AND some for the Elders AND some left over for Ryan's lunches. HELLO!
Easton loved his presents so thanks again to all the grandmas and great grandmas (and the grandpas who paid for them ;)

Is a boys birthday complete without a super hero and a little action? It was too cold outside so we did the pinata in the basement (and we couldn't find rope so we hung him with an extension cord).
It was kind of scary how much Creed got into it.
Parker broke the tie that we hung him by so she beat him on the ground, cheater.
Makay didn't really get what was going on but after a while we got her to join in.

Has anyone ever read the short story called "The Lottery"? Enough said.
After he was beat on the floor Ryan tied the extension cord around Spideys neck and the boys finished the job.

This is our children basking in the carnage of our super hero. What kind of sick traditions do we embrace? When all was said and done Creed was still feeling the adrenaline and kept yelling, "Let's smack him again!" It was a great birthday!!