Sunday, January 29, 2012

piers, bats 'n peter pan

Okay, so Berni spent an hour writing all the captions to these pics and somehow they got erased. So please forgive the shortness of the rewrite and non funny nature (hers were hilarious). All the beach pics in this post were an hour north of where we live (avala beach) at a cool town w/ a few piers. This became our back up when the farm that we were going to go and visit was closed for the season. Kids had a great time-the restaraunt where we had lunch served the kids meals on frisbees-BONUS! It was a beautiful day despite the wind.
Makay is showing off her sand pie.
This bat in our entry way kept our kids and all their neighborhood friends entertained for a couple hours-don't think it got much rest.

If our kids ever start a band I think we'll use this for the album cover.
Creed getting ready to catch.
Beckham posing with his cool new fiz-uh-bee.
Wacky dollar store glasses = wacky kids.

Parker with her "self-manager" certificate that she has now been awarded two years in a row. You go girl!
Last but definitely not least...Berni is expecting (14 wks along) Button #6! We are all very excited. The boys would like a boy and the girls would like a girl. The kids are always coming up with names for the baby. Berni's favorite so far is from Creed, he has suggested Peter Pan Button. We will keep you posted!