Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's All About Creed

Creeds birthday was this month! I can't believe he's four. He had two friends over to play for the afternoon while we did balloon games and pin the tail on the donkey.

I'm sure you've noticed by now that our kids are stuffed full of personality. It comes out in this picture. They can't just be normal and cute like the two adorable Westover girls. Makay and Easton are pretending to be birds, Parker is in her usual princess pose for any picture and Creed is charging the camera. Never a dull moment in our home!

Creed wanted a dinosaur cake this year. I was pretty worried until I found a Wiltons dinosaur cake pan at the Goodwill for 50 cents. KA-CHING! (I have no idea how to spell sound affects!)

Creed really got into the "it's my special day and I'm in charge" thing. The poor kid is a third child, we let him run with it. The kids all got one piece of cake, Creed had two. But the kicker was when he asked for cake the next day for breakfast. Well, who wants cake sitting around the house getting stale anyway! They loved it.

I don't know if we have mentioned how much Creed likes puzzles. Well if he didn't before, he does now because he got some of the coolest puzzles for his birthday. (yes, I helped him on this one. . . and well all of them. I like puzzles too.)

Ryan and I gave him some Disney puzzles and Papa and Grandma Kim gave him the big floor puzzles. He loved the "giant puzzle" pieces. He also got a cool Noah book from Grandma and Grandpa Button plus a dapper (and much needed) suit.

Just in case your wondering, our kids don't normally sit on the table this much.

So you were probably wondering what happened to our other kids for the month of July huh! Well they're still here. Parker's had her two front teeth sticking out of her mouth like a chipmunk for a while. She finally let me yank one of them out (just because she saw something at the store that she wanted to buy).

Front teeth are pretty valuable but our tooth fairy couldn't scrounge more then two dollars for it. Maybe after a couple more teeth she can buy a toy.

July has also been a month of new hairdo's in our family. Easton and Creed wanted desperately to have all the boys in the family match. How can you say no to male bonding!
Creed really did look sickly for the first couple of days. Kind of like he just came from chemo treatment. After he got some sun he looked much better.

I had been growing my hair out for a long time (10 months!) and was going crazy. I finally went to get it cut (my first hair cut done by someone who actually went to beauty school, instead of me with two mirrors, in about four years). It felt so good to get rid of all that hair!

And don't feel sorry for my husband my brothers! He likes my hair!

Mak had everyone in the ward talking about her hair by the end of church. She loved having it curly so much that she walked up to everyone saying, "pretty hair!" while she fluffed her curls. What a GIRL I have!

Lastly of course is jewelry. Sorry about the fuzzy picture, I'll have to fire my photographer. ;) This necklace was just too much fun to not show you mom, I love it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Adventures

Summer is in full swing and the Buttons are loving it! We were able to head back down to D.C. at the end of June to visit the temple again. We were so excited that we got a hotel for three nights and were planing a spiritual marathon. The only problem was that once we got there we remembered that we had left our temple bags and recommends at home! HELLO!

We still went and visited the visitors center and spent time on the grounds. The temple is so beautiful! The last full day we were there the temple was able to contact our stake president so we could get in. At least we made it once. It was still a wonderful trip and we got to know the visitor center really well.

On the last day while I was in the temple, Ryan and the kids got to watch Testaments. The kids really enjoyed it. After the movie they went out and were looking at the statue of Christ. Creed walked up and lifter himself up so he could see the Saviors feet. He stayed there for a long time and then felt them. Ryan had to ask him to get down but when he did he said that he could see the holes in the Saviors feet from when he was crucified. It was such a sweet moment.

Once we got back things went strait back to normal. One day we were eating a salad for lunch and Easton was telling us how much he hates spinach. We told him about Popeye and how strong he is because he ate spinach. Easton grabbed the bag and started chomping. When he was done he flexed for us and asked if he was stronger. Of course we all shouted exclamations of awe at his huge muscles. Now he wont miss a chance to eat spinach. Who would have thought it would be so easy?

Before. . .


Monkey see, monkey do! All our kids are Popeye strong now.

Grandma Button sent the kids some valentine things and we just found some of the stickers that we were saving for a rainy day. This is how Creed plays with stickers, he gave himself "robot legs." This is why we usually don't let the kids have them all at once.

How many kids does it take to build a tower? They were so proud of this that they are sure they broke a record with it.

This is Beckhams first take of cake. It took him a while but finally he got into it. We really are easing up on the kids, they usually don't have a taste of cake until their first birthday. Oh how we spoil the youngest!