Monday, September 17, 2012

Teeth and Tanks

I forgot to post pictures of Tuesdays blessing! Papa and Calvin came up to pick up my mom after being here for a month. Luckily we were able to bless Tuesday that weekend so my dad and Calvin could stand in for the blessing. It was really cool.
L.A. traffic on a Sunday is crazy so my parents and Calvin were going to leave after sacrament meeting and try to make it home to San Diego in a reasonable amount of time.  We went out to the back of our church building and took a few pictures just before they left. How in the world could we get all the kids smiling and looking nice in an impromptu photo shoot!?!  We decided that maybe we should do that with our family pictures next time.

 Makay has been dying to lose some teeth. She has watched as her older siblings get rich off the Tooth Fairy while she sits with a mouth full of potential dough.  Finally it happened.  She lost a tooth and the money flowed in, two whole dollars (the Tooth Fairy pays more for the first tooth and then gets cheap)!! She can join her siblings in the lap of luxury!


Tuesday has started to smile!!  The great pay off for all those sleepless nights and fussy days. The kids love it! Today we were eating lunch after church and Ryan was making her smile.  He turned Tuesday so the kids could see her smile and they would clap and cheere every time she smiled.


I can't help but take pictures every time I can. "Look she's holding her head up! Let me get the camera." "Look she's smiling, let me get the camera."  "Look, she moved her pinky, let me get the camera!" I can't help myself.

Ryan took the older five to see some ancient Indian pictographs that are a little south from here. The kids loved it. Anything to do with Indians, they love!

They have this tank sitting in a lot across from the Burger King here on base. 

Look, Tuesday is breathing, let me get the camera!!!