Friday, April 17, 2009

Button Archives Part 2

I have been trying to organize all of our pictures and here are some that I don't think you have ever seen. I hope you enjoy.

Hair dos; some good, some bad.

Parker loves getting her hair dyed but as you can tell, a professional did not do it.

An Easter do, we got inspiration from some Easter baskets.

Easton trying to fit in with his Papas.

One of my favorites!

Some of Dad's bath time fun.

Some attempts at nice kid pictures. . .

This was the closest we got to having everyone smiling and looking at the camera.

I have no idea how this one turned out so nice but I love it!!

I admire any photographer that can do a group photo with children in it!

Many of you have heard this story. Some thought we were exaggerating about the disaster and the number of Jell-O and pudding packets that were emptied on our carpet. Here is the proof!!

This is the floor around the pantry door, the source of the food.

Try counting the number of empty bags on the floor.

Here are some more bags to count.

The kids wanted to make an indoor sand box that also tasted good. It included various flavors of Jell-O, chocolate, vanilla and cheese cake pudding and two containers of raspberry lemonade powder! Yum.
Did we adopt a street urchin? No, this is Creed. Apparently someone emptied a packet of chocolate pudding on his head (or maybe he just rolled around on the ground).

It's amazing that all our children are still alive after that one!

Here's a few more minor messes.

Powder donuts are wonderful.

Creeds scared because he got caught playing with mommies favorite lipstick. It's a good shade on him though, don't you think?

Messes come standard with edible play-dough.

A few more cute ones

That's Makay with Grandma Button and Gigi. Look at the line of blue eyes, I love it!

Creed trying to be a gangsta'

This super hero doesn't hide his alter ego

Our three stooges picture

Parker just being silly

Strangely enough this picture describes Makay very well.
P.S. Parker is not a forgotten child. We just didn't have a digital camera when she was a baby.