Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family Time

Normally people go and do something fun on Memorial Day weekend.  We we don't like to be normal and I think we pull it off pretty well.  So we decided to head out of town the week before Memorial Day. Where did we go? San Diego of course!

Ryan was able to take Friday off work so we left Thursday evening, very effectively missing Friday L.A. traffic, and had all of Friday and Saturday to play! My sweet mother took the kids for a while so Ryan and I went to the temple together (we usually take turns with the kids and have to do sessions separately) and then went to lunch at Islands after.

Saturday was a true party day when we packed up the kayak and lawn chairs and headed to Mission Bay. There was a giant walk for Cystic Fibrosis going on but we still got a little bit grass and beach all to ourselves.
We brought a bag full of balls and paddles and who knows what.  It kept the boys busy all day long!

 Creed figured out how to throw and catch with these basket things and never put them down unless it was to eat. I'm talking 6 hours worth!
 Papa was a good sport but I think it went a little long for him. Plus, papa was the one doing all the running for the ball, mostly into the parking lot.
 When Creed found another partner to throw with Papa took a rest teasing Makay. You can't see the wooden paddle she is threatening him with but she figured out real fast how to counter his teasing.
 When Easton got roped into playing ball with Creed they played down on the sand. It saved the cars in the parking lot and pedestrians on the side walk anyway from that darn red ball.
 Beckham thought that he was part of the game even though he never touched the ball.
 Ryan got a family day (no work) this weekend so Makay and Beckham played for hours with him. Their favorite game is where Ryan lays on his back and the kids run onto his legs and he flips them up and over him. The timing to capture these was very tricky, luckily they played it for about an hour so I finally got one.

This is step one - running onto daddy's legs
Step two - let daddy swing your legs up over your head
Step three - land gracefully (and not on daddy's head!)

 Daddy time is so much fun!